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well this weekend wasnt to bad... i love a 19 hour work day dont you :P i had a good time learning the personalities of the unit, bunch of old sargeants. man i forgot how much i hate the field, the heat, the sweat, the army... yeah it wasnt to bad, it just dragged on forever... saturday felt like it just wouldnt end. we went out to camp bullis to do are annual qualification with the m-16 and the officiers with thier 9mm.. didnt quite go so well... do to the heat, time restriciton, and lack of ammo, only about 33 percent managed to qualify in the 2 chances we got. i was not one of them, though i think if i had gotten a 3rd chance i might have made it, on my second try, i was bored line. but i wouldnt have been happy with such a low score. we also did some convoy training in the hummers which was rad, cause i hadnt been in a hummer till then so score to that, in august im gonna go get my hummer drivers training.. so cool beans there too... man i forgot how much i hated army food... its just not filling.. or good..

oh and of course, waiting from 330pm-730pm at BAMC to see a doctor about getting my carpel tunnel put on my medical records SUCKED!! i was sooo bored... and for those of you who got my txt msgs... you know.

i should have gone air force... and i might still, one of the sgt's in my unit was telling me that i can pay back my bonus and switch branchs. i want to find out the details so probably in the next week or so im gonna go get the details from an airforce recruiter.

quote of the weekend... "how the hell does the army run outta ammo?!" -thanks joe

oh my god... i hate my mind, anytime something new comes around and terrifying i lose sleep over it like crazy, i went to sleep last night at 10 and woke up at 2... im PISSED!! i just wanted to be rested for today so i have enough energy and dont disappoint my new unit. grrrr.... today at 530 i have to be on ft sam at the pt field to take my once a year pt test, and this is also the first weekend reporting for duty in my reserve unit. i hate it. and then it didnt help that i had the craziest desperate dreams last night, its weird, becca has been telling me for years that ill fall for anything with legs that looks my way and im only happy if i have someone to take care of and smother with love... and then for some reason i have dreams about the usual lady, but then after that i have a dream about this woman i work with ive never once talked to who just looks incredibly sad all the time. it was basically me coming up to her to talk to her and ask her whats wrong and asking her if she wanted to come shoot pool with me and my friends... but the thing is, i would never actually do that in real life, i dont have enough courage to approach strange sad woman ive never talked to unless its a requirement of work or day to day life. its just funny cause its ture, i just want someone to care for and since theres no one there right now my subconscious is trying to feel the void in my dreams.. stupid mental subconscious, your silly. i agree though, i sooooo should be trying to adjust my life to being single and take this part of my life for what it is and live day by day just enjoying my time, but its hard, it just doesnt feel like me.

le sigh... hehe im gonna be a dork today, after i get off army work im gonna go to real work in my uniform cause my supervisor needs a copy of this years training schedule so she can enter in my military leave for the next couple of months. its wierd, i wore it for 8 months without a problem, but no one who knew me has ever seen me in uniform and i feel sheepish and dorky whenever i wear it here in san antonio. its sooo awkward.

blah... its 430 in the morning I SHOULD BE ASLEEP!!!
well wish me luck on my pt test, hopefully i do well enough to merit my hopeful cross my fingers every day promotion in august to e-4 specialist.

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well tomarrow i say goodbye to my new car for a week while it gets all the hail damage taken out of it. joes gonna tail me up to san marcos so i can have a ride back and then for the next week untill my bike or my dads bike gets done at the shop, ill be riding my sisters little honda rebel to work :( its a classic kinda cool though and its bitchin fun to ride... but its like 1/4th the size of my yamaha and half that of my dads kawasaki... :( i want my bike back now...

works been boring but alright, im done with retraining and im back on the floor as of today, however were in this gay asimilation phase thing, and im not working my real schedule yet. but whatever, it keeps me outta trouble cause they dont expect me to be perfect after being gone for 8 months and only getting a week of training.

and BLAHHHHHH!!!!! to this weekend... its my first weekend of reserve duty and i have to do my once a year PT test :( BLAHHHHH!!!!! i feel fat and sassy... i dont want to do that.. im gonna be slow.. and... lazy... and blahhhhh!!! im also kinda scared to go, i dont know anything about what i have to do.. AT ALL. othere then that its this weekend, i have no clue what im doing, what i come in, what time... its intimidating

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well me and the fati went and saw art school confidential last night, it was perdy good, had some moments in it when i was like, lol @ SAC but other then that all in all decent movie, but surly a movie for those only into arts video/graphic/fine whatever it be, and if youve gone to art on the college level there are scenes that you will find hilarious :P

well i had a bit of a road trip today... 50 miles to from san antonio to luling.. pick up my dad and lil brother, then back through san antonio... past castroville, to hondo for an air show. not to shabby, it was all kit planes, home builts. that wasnt to bad, its been so long since ive hung with my brother and dad that it made it worth it. and i got to make fun of air force people. then we left hondo drove back through san antonio to san marcos and after stoping there, we drove to luling.. all in all it was just over 300 miles.

oh and its soooo rad, i love my car, i love my car so much it was time for its very first oil change and tire rotation, today i reached 5000 miles on my new corolla, so thats why we detored to san marcos after hondo. i took it to the toyota dealership that i have to take it back to this wensday for hail damage repairs. it sure would be nice if my bike would get done before wensday so i dont have to rent a car :( i miss my bike.. i love my bike... I WANT MY BIKE!!

oh and i miss my becca too, thats why im driving to dallas at the end of the month for the weekend. becca is RAD!

oh thank god, its been 8 months but my sweet black betty is finally getting looked at by a mechanic that has the time to show her the tender loving care she deserves... no other woman in my life would i spend so much on to make happy... hehe i droped my V-star off at extreme powersports to get her running agian. hopefully they said that she should be good as new in about a week, so hopefully this time next week ill be riding off into the sunset... untill i turn left or right of course. i love my bike, no woman treats me like she does. its been 9 months now since ive been able to take her out and burn off a gas tank just cruising in the country. i missed you betty :( but now im back

woot for free internet at work, this is by far the fastest connection ive been on, even faster then the gov lines i used back at brooks afb. well, though it cant get much closer to the source then being in the twc building now can it. this rocks, twc setup these computers for us to browse in the new break room they built while i was away on military leave. and its blazing fast.. just like the advertisement, also on the DL yo! good news for all you road runner users, rumor has it around here that in the next couple months twc is gonna up the speed again for free from a 5 meg line to a 7 meg line... WOOT in the pants for free! see, now im feeling a lot less stress... this is good, yesterday i got my claim taken care of with geico regarding my hail damage, so now all i have to do is take it in, which im doing this friday to get an appointment for the repairs. this has been a perdy easy going day for me so far, work is going by a little sluggish, but the calls are going at a good pace cause im picking up things i forgot while i was gone with enough time to re-learn everything for more then just the minute.

by the way, i love my car... just wanted to put that out there, now that its all in my name and mally is removed from the insurance, it feels like mine, and i can finally take it to ft. sam and get my military registration done so i get my post sticker.... man i need a hair cut too... and a car wash... and a date...

why is it that if you treat woman with the uptmost kindness and love it never last but guys treat woman like shit and that woman will stay with them forever?

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well it looks like im finally coming home.. i have about 10-11 days left now until im on a plane home and back with people who care about me... that is if i have anyone back home who still remebers me. mallys long moved on passed me, i havnt talked to most of my friends in months except on myspace. its wierd, i feel like that when im coming home im starting over from scratch with a new life, i feel like the same person but i feel like im in someone elses life now. im probably gonna start workign at twc again sometime about a week after i get back.. i wanna take some time to adjust back to life, but i also cant afford to not be getting paid. i have no clue what to expect of myself and whats happening to me when i get home, i just hope it works itself out.

im throwing a party on apr 28th friday and everyone i know is invited, hopefully a good deal of old faces with show up and with the help of a bit of alchole pizza and creepes, its gonna be a great time :P

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Ive been listening to nothing but the new YYY's album all week now and ive decided that im in love with them, i loved their first album and this second one is just as rad, although it has a slightly different sound to it, its still thier flavor. everyone should go and buy it... NOW..

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