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June 2006
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SpartacusBob [userpic]
a family moment

well i had a bit of a road trip today... 50 miles to from san antonio to luling.. pick up my dad and lil brother, then back through san antonio... past castroville, to hondo for an air show. not to shabby, it was all kit planes, home builts. that wasnt to bad, its been so long since ive hung with my brother and dad that it made it worth it. and i got to make fun of air force people. then we left hondo drove back through san antonio to san marcos and after stoping there, we drove to luling.. all in all it was just over 300 miles.

oh and its soooo rad, i love my car, i love my car so much it was time for its very first oil change and tire rotation, today i reached 5000 miles on my new corolla, so thats why we detored to san marcos after hondo. i took it to the toyota dealership that i have to take it back to this wensday for hail damage repairs. it sure would be nice if my bike would get done before wensday so i dont have to rent a car :( i miss my bike.. i love my bike... I WANT MY BIKE!!

oh and i miss my becca too, thats why im driving to dallas at the end of the month for the weekend. becca is RAD!