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June 2006
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SpartacusBob [userpic]
timewarner is rad

woot for free internet at work, this is by far the fastest connection ive been on, even faster then the gov lines i used back at brooks afb. well, though it cant get much closer to the source then being in the twc building now can it. this rocks, twc setup these computers for us to browse in the new break room they built while i was away on military leave. and its blazing fast.. just like the advertisement, also on the DL yo! good news for all you road runner users, rumor has it around here that in the next couple months twc is gonna up the speed again for free from a 5 meg line to a 7 meg line... WOOT in the pants for free! see, now im feeling a lot less stress... this is good, yesterday i got my claim taken care of with geico regarding my hail damage, so now all i have to do is take it in, which im doing this friday to get an appointment for the repairs. this has been a perdy easy going day for me so far, work is going by a little sluggish, but the calls are going at a good pace cause im picking up things i forgot while i was gone with enough time to re-learn everything for more then just the minute.

by the way, i love my car... just wanted to put that out there, now that its all in my name and mally is removed from the insurance, it feels like mine, and i can finally take it to ft. sam and get my military registration done so i get my post sticker.... man i need a hair cut too... and a car wash... and a date...


what kind of car is it again?

oh hello, my 2006 toyota corolla s :) best car ever

oh yeah I forgot! Sorry!


oh guess who i just found out i work with at twc.... i didnt know she still worked at afcee, but i think her name is cindy, i work with her husband gene, he just started last week

dont remember her last name, she was one of the contractor secretaries, like laura pena was

Laura Pena who? I dont know any Cyndis Or Gene's? I think your delerious!

OH MY GOD! Your kidding GENE.. he wears glasses?

I went to school with that guy. What a small world. Dont tell him you know me!

lol... oops.. we were talking about afcee and when i worked there, thats how i found out about cyndi and living on the south side and what have you.

Did you already tell him? NO Please dont tell him you have a way of getting a hold of me... and dont give him my livejournal! He was always stalking me!

oh dont worry i want, he just knows i know you though, i remember hearing complaints about you when you had class with him and all the problems he had with cyndi

it was kinda funny cause when i was like, yeah i worked there back in..yada yada date, he was like oh... and then as the conversation went on, he was like awwww crap, what have you heard.. ah man...