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June 2006
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SpartacusBob [userpic]
Camp Bullis

well this weekend wasnt to bad... i love a 19 hour work day dont you :P i had a good time learning the personalities of the unit, bunch of old sargeants. man i forgot how much i hate the field, the heat, the sweat, the army... yeah it wasnt to bad, it just dragged on forever... saturday felt like it just wouldnt end. we went out to camp bullis to do are annual qualification with the m-16 and the officiers with thier 9mm.. didnt quite go so well... do to the heat, time restriciton, and lack of ammo, only about 33 percent managed to qualify in the 2 chances we got. i was not one of them, though i think if i had gotten a 3rd chance i might have made it, on my second try, i was bored line. but i wouldnt have been happy with such a low score. we also did some convoy training in the hummers which was rad, cause i hadnt been in a hummer till then so score to that, in august im gonna go get my hummer drivers training.. so cool beans there too... man i forgot how much i hated army food... its just not filling.. or good..

oh and of course, waiting from 330pm-730pm at BAMC to see a doctor about getting my carpel tunnel put on my medical records SUCKED!! i was sooo bored... and for those of you who got my txt msgs... you know.

i should have gone air force... and i might still, one of the sgt's in my unit was telling me that i can pay back my bonus and switch branchs. i want to find out the details so probably in the next week or so im gonna go get the details from an airforce recruiter.

quote of the weekend... "how the hell does the army run outta ammo?!" -thanks joe

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you wanna go get some pizza?